Tea 101: Weight Loss Miracle? Myths about Oolong Teas

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Tea 101: Oolong Teas - Easy, Breezy Weight Loss?

I love Oolong teas!  They are literally my favorite teas because they are a delicious hybrid of the best parts of green and black teas.  

Oolong teas are made through centuries-old, complex techniques and produce an exotic and exciting elixir. Oolong teas are the most difficult of the artisan teas to produce. In some cases, the process can exceed 2 days preparation with constant monitoring of aroma, feel and look. As with any artisan tea, it is the expertise of the tea master which will ultimately determine the quality and desirability of the final product.

There are two types of Oolongs:

Jade Oolong - Light, airy like an earthy sweet robust green tea

This legendary oolong is a cup of pure romance. It produces a beautiful jade colored infusion. The flavor has a natural sweetness, with lingering notes of Spring greens. The Iron Goddess is a Tie Guan Yin oolong from Fujian Province, China. Hand harvested and produced through a traditional process whereby the large tea leaves are very tightly rolled. This is the one of the most revered Chinese oolongs.

We are introducing a new Organic Jade Oolong into our tea line at the Somerset, NJ Sugarloaf Festival in March called Organic Slimming Jade Oolong.  

Formosa or Taiwanese Oolong - Dark and Robust 

Formosa Oolongs have had longer oxidation exposure then the Chinese oolongs; this accounts for their darker appearance. Often referred to for their weight loss characteristics, oolong teas are used in many diet and health plans.

 We carry 3 different Formosa oolongs at Not Just Tea - Caribbean Breeze, Jasmine Garden Oolong and Autumn Sunset.

Proper Steeping Instructions:
Oolong teas support multiple infusions;  they can be infused 6-7 times. With each steeping, oolong teas leaves unfurl more and impart differing flavors making it one of the most interesting teas as well. 

 - Use 2 tsp per 6-8 oz cup

 - Heat water to 195 degrees and pour over the leaves then dump the steep out after 20 seconds. T

 - The Chinese say you have “awakened the Dragon"!

 - For the next steep, use same temperature water and allow to steep 2 minute

 - The more steeps you have, the longer the steeping time up to 3-4 minutes

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