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 Not Just Tea is a Harlem, NY based boutique specialty tea company that hand-blends premium loose teas.  We specialize in caffeine-free and herbal teas!

Type of Tea:

  • White Teas - White teas are unprocessed dried tea leaves. 
  • Green Teas - Green teas are steamed and dried tea leaves.
  • Herbal Teas - Herbal teas (tisanes) are caffeine-free teas.  
  • Oolong Teas - Oolong teas are steamed, half-fermented and dried tea leaves.
  • Black Teas - Black teas are steamed, fully-fermented and dried tea leaves. 

          Health Benefits:

          • Detoxing - These are teas that have high detoxing characteristics.
          • Weight Loss - These teas promote weight-loss.
          • Caffeine-Free - These teas are caffeine-free.
          • Relaxing - These teas promote relaxation.
          • Energizing - These teas have high levels of caffeine.
          • Morning-Afternoon - These teas are best consumed in the morning-afternoon.
          • Evening - These teas promote sleepliness.



          • Fruity - These teas have been blended with fruit.
          • Spicy - These teas have spicy ingredients like ginger and cardamon.
          • Flowers - These teas are blended with flowers.
          • Nuts - These teas contain nuts.
          • Vanilla - These teas contain vanilla.