Tea 101: Organic Teas - Nature's Bounty

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Tea 101: Organic Teas - Nature's Bounty

Organic teas are hard to find.  In most of the tea growing world (Japan, China, Kenya, etc), there is no such concept as 'organic'.  Most of the tea that we source are directly from family-owned farms that have been using the same tea growing techniques for centuries.  Yet, when a community has committed itself to organic teas, we have to take notice.

Benefits of Organic Teas

Organic is good for the ecosystem: Organic tea gardens support ecosystems and don’t contaminate local water supplies. 

Organic tastes better: By using organic fertilizers, like cover crops and manures, tea plants are allowed to blossom and ripen at their own, natural pace.  They have more time to develop the natural sugars in compounds that helps the flavor.  This allows the teas to have a stronger flavor than conventional teas.

Organic is certified: Organic teas are now certified organic by government agencies like the United States Department of Agriculture. In the past, anyone could say that a tea was organic even it was not.

New Organic Teas At Not Just Tea

We know that our customers are health conscious and want to know that they are getting the best teas.  Therefore, we have introduced 5 new organic teas to our tea line.  We will also be replacing some of our existing teas with organic teas throughout the year.  Check out these new organic teas at the Sugarloaf Festival in Somerset, NJ from March 13-15! 

  • Organic Blue Nile Chamomile - Egyptian chamomile produces a fragrant and soothing cup with a hint of honey
  • Organic Slimming Jade Oolong - Organic oolong tea with flowery aroma with a subtle, buttery finish.
  • Organic White Peony -  Organic white tea with bright apricot color and naturally light floral fragrance.
  • Organic English Breakfast - Feel like royalty with this robust organic black tea with malty and oaky undertones.
  • Organic Green Gunpowder - Organic green tea that is tightly rolled and fire roasted.


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