Tea For Me Teapot - Gift Set


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  • Brand: Not Just Tea
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Tea for Me Teapot Gift Set Includes:

  • Tea For Me Teapot
  • 6 Hand-Blended or Signature Teas
  • Collapseable Gift Box


Enjoy your favorite cup of tea at home or at the office with this personal 1-cup tea set. This 9.7 oz teapot can be stacked on top of the the teacup to warm the cup while your tea steeps. It is nicely glazed inside and out and is suitable for everyday household use. Dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe.

  • 3-piece set including tea cup, pot and lid
  • 9.7-ounce capacity
  • Microwave & diswasher safe
  • Ceramic material, glazed


Tea for Me Teapot's Story

Ever since I started Not Just Tea, I have sold the Tea For Me Teapot.  I love the way that the little teapot works so hard for our enjoyment.  Not only does it brew the tea through the built-in strainer but it also warms the cup while it is brewing.  I also love the teapot's many vibrant colors.  The entire experience brightens up my tea drinking experience.  Enjoy!