Apricot White - White Tea - "Sweet Apricot Tea"


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  • Brand: Signature Teas
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The Purest Baby White Tea with

  • Sweet Apricot
  • Rich Peaches
  • White tea is unprocessed tea
  • Apricots contain nutrients such as vitamin A that promote good vision
  • Vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant, quenches free radical damage to cells and tissues
  • White tea is great for detoxing and digestion

Steep and Size Instructions

  • Brew 2 teaspoons for each 8 oz cup of water
  • Steep for 3-5 minutes
  • Perfect water temperature - 175 degrees (F) 
  • The tea brews a light white cup 
    • 1/2 oz brews 3 - 5 cups of tea
    • 2 oz brews 10 - 20 cups of tea
    • 4 oz brews 20- 30 cups of tea
    • 8 oz brews 40-50 cups of tea 
  • Each tea is packaged in a silver resealable pouch.

Apricot White's Story

White tea is my favorite tea.  There is something beautiful about the delicate nature of these teas.  White teas are pure and unprocessed. Unlike other teas, the camilla sinensis leaf (tea leaf) is merely plucked and dried.  This allows the true nature of the tea to shine through.  When blending white tea, I am careful to never use strong fruits or flowers that will cloud the taste of the tea.  Enjoy this delicate tea that has been blended with sweet apricots and rich peaches.