Caribbean Breeze - Oolong Tea - "Owner Favorite"


  • Type: Tea
  • Brand: Signature Teas
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Taiwanese Formosa Oolong blended with

  • Sweet Passion Fruit
  • Fragrant Mango 
  • Tangy Aronia Berries
  • Delicate Rose Petals


  • World-renown for its digestive and weight loss qualities
  • Ramps up the metabolism
  • Oolong is traditionally brewed up to 3x for maximum usage

Steep and Size Instructions

  • Brew 2 teaspoons for each 8 oz cup
  • Steep for 3-4 minutes
  • Perfect water temperature - 195 degrees (F)
  • The tea brews into a soft pink cup 
    • 1/2 oz brews 3 - 5 cups of tea
    • 2 oz brews 20 - 30 cups of tea
    • 4 oz brews 40 - 50 cups of tea
    • 8 oz brews 80 - 90 cups of tea
  • Each tea is packaged in silver resealable bags

Caribbean Breeze's Story

If you ever visit us at a pop-up shop, you will see that this tea is listed as a "staff favorite".  Full-disclosure - that's just me.  I really should name it "Owner Favorite" but staff seems so much nicer.  I have been drinking this tea for years even before I started Not Just Tea.  I just love this tea!  It is so fruity and reminds me of being on a tropical island with the palm trees flowing.  Since I introduced it to my godmother, Margo, she will only accept Caribbean Breeze for Birthday, Christmas or "I'm popping over" gifts!  Enjoy!