Plum Providence - Herbal Tea - "Plums, Currants and Lavender"


  • Type: Tea
  • Brand: Signature Teas
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 Exotic, Mild and Fruity Blended Herbal Tea with

  • South African Rooibos
  • Dried Plums
  • Tangy Currants
  • Sweet Lavender
  • Fragrant Rose Petals
  • Plums are high in vitamin C
  • Increase absorption of iron into the body
  • South African Rooibos is a caffeine free tea
  • Treat anxiety
  • Lavender helps induce relaxation and sleep

Brew and Size Instructions

  • Brew 2 teaspoons for each 8 oz cup
  • Steep for 6-8 minutes
  • Perfect water temperature - 208 degrees (F)
  • The tea brews a rich sweet, tan cup.  
    • 1 oz brews 3 - 5 cups of tea
    • 4 oz brews 20 - 30 cups of tea
    • 8 oz brews 40 - 50 cups of tea
    • 16 oz brews 80 - 90 cups of tea

Pium Providence's Story

South African Rooibos is a great herb from South Africa.  This herb is caffeine free and has the same antioxidant level as green tea.  But the best benefit of Rooibos is that it has been shown to alleviate depression and anxiety.  I love blending with this herb because it balances so nicely with fruits and flowers.  This rooibos is blended with delicious dried plums, currants and lavender.  These ingredients work so well together and create such a sweet, floral cup!  Enjoy!